Today he was speaking from the home base rather than the field and he had a screen on the background displaying various activities he engages in with his dogs. As he begins sharing with the audience, he indicates that he has a groomer for his dogs that comes in a self contained van once every month, to help with the dogs. It is important to take care of long haired/wooly huskies because of the problems associated with this. The shorthaired variety of huskies are considered to be waterproof and the double coated dogs shed twice a year and so it is important to groom them as frequently as possible. He has been saving the hairs from the huskies for some time now and intends to make clothes from these in future.

Once cleaned, these hairs can be woven with other hairs or wool to increase the density depending on what one is making and some of the products made from such include gloves, hats, sweaters, among others. He suggests that when grooming a dog, it is advisable to use lukewarm water even on a warm day since grooming is quite a process and lukewarm water will help the dog cope with it.

He considers grooming an event since it is quite stressful to the dog and to reduce some of the stress, one can opt for background music, warm water, have the groomer soothe the dog if you are using one, a light massage and praising the dog will also work. He treats his dogs on a monthly basis and Bravecto is one of the products he uses to control ticks and fleas.
Natural remedies are also available but it is important to consult your vet for guidance before opting for any of the varieties available. He also displayed some of the products you can use on your dog such as perfumes and colons that are safe. Among the products displayed were White Dalmatians, Bono Sports, Pucci and there are many more.

He also owns a Chinese crested dog called GG who he never takes out on free ranging expeditions. This is because he is small and could get injured in the event he comes into contact with the ATV. The presence of birds that hunt rabbits out there is another challenge and since these are birds for prey, they could pounce on the small dog as well.

There are several benefits of using ATVs as highlighted by him including the fact that they are quite weighty and hence give a lot of traction and this helps him get through more situations. They also have long overhead mirrors to locate dogs behind the ATV or on the sides. The Garmin GPS controller is also mounted on the ATVs to help locate the dogs, how far they are and provision to page the dogs that have a collar on them is also available.

Bikes are also used during these expeditions and have a contingency built on them that they can ride the dogs at any given time. He mostly goes out mushing in the night since this is a great alternative to cool the dogs off during warm weather. Sometimes he goes free ranging when it is raining and even though he puts on proper gear for such weather, he may end up drenched.

In such cases, he travels with a support team that can pick him up and others as well if conditions persist. He concluded by noting that at times we are forced to imagine that by taking huskies out, we got them to burn their energy out when we actually got them bored. Hence, finding a balance here is quite necessary because when we do, it eventually turns euphoric.