Today it was all about the most popular dog names. The most popular female dog name was Bella and the most popular male dog name was Max. Robert has a dog named Max, a cat named Max and a couple of gold fish. One is called Max 1 and the other is Max 2. Barbara’s dog name is Lazarus and she got it from the bible because he was the friend of Jesus and most definitely the dog is a good friend of hers.

The Ramires are all musicians and they ave named their dogs after Jazz musicians and their family dog is called Charlie Parker. They also own a cat named Miles Davis. Dennie says her dog’s name is Max but they call it Mackie and refer to him as Face other times. She goes on to share about Project Good Dog.

This is where inmates from the Worcester County jail are paired up with dogs from a local shelter called Second Chance. The volunteer from Second Chance then teaches the inmates how to train the dogs. These dogs also spend several weeks living with inmates in the cells and leave fully trained, capable of being adopted by families.

A beagle named snoopy saved its owner’s life as a fire destroyed their two stories home near Brisbane. 67 year old Bill Winter and his two adult children were asleep as their home went up in flames. They lost everything but had their lives because of Snoopy’s efforts.

College life can be pretty stressful so the Mercy University students association created the doggy distress event. This is helping to distress frazzle students as part of the stress free study week. Students were invited to stop by the doggy stress stations on campus where they could spend some time petting and cuddling with the dogs. Some of the other de— stressing activities include throwing paint art work, coloring books and chill out music.