The story today is about how dogs can be a source of healing and comfort. Therapy dogs and their handlers have flown in from all over the country to help bring healing and comfort to Orlando following the recent massacre at the Pulse nightclub. A team of golden retrievers from Chicago are just one of the many groups responding saying that they are bringing love and light to a place experiencing great darkness.

The comfort ministries have been visiting counseling centers and spending time with families touched by the tragedy. They will also be working in local hospitals with injured victims and also with first responders. The dogs are good listeners, your conversation is confidential, they do not take notes and they show unconditional love.

In another story, a student at Northern Guilford High School got a big surprise when he opened up his year book. Right next to his photo was a photo of his service dog named Taffy. 15 year old Harry has type1 diabetes. Taffy alerts him when his blood sugar gets out of wax and calls Harry 12 or 13 times a day so he can treat himself with insulin or food.

Harry says having the photo of Taffy in his year book brings the feeling of having your best friend tight next to you. In other news, she reads that going to the dentist is one thing that people dread but one dental officer is trying to make that a little easier with a bearded curly named Baron.

Dental practice owner Dr. Craig got the idea after noticing how difficult going to the dentist was for some of his patients. He decided to train Baron to be a therapy dog. Baron likes to go around the whole office from room to room and check on who’s there. Sometimes, they will be in tears and he will get rid of those tears, though he just concentrates on being with them just a little bit.