Today we start with the story of a little Chiwawa named Mocky who always enjoys taking baths but when the owner Marie forgot to put the plug in the tub, little Mocky’s legs slipped in the drain and got stuck. Fire fighters decided the only way to safely get Mocky free would be to break the ceiling of the room below 7 hours later, with the help of four fire department vehicles and 16 professionals.

Mocky’s legs slipped out into his owner’s arms and the owner says that Mocky is in good shape now. She goes on to check the response concerning the most popular dog names in the year. the top female dog name is Bella followed by Lola, Lucy, Daisy, Coco, Princess, Mali, Chloe, Lunar and Sophie.

The top male dog name is Max followed by Rocky, Charlie, Lucky, Teddy, Tobby, Jack, Oliver and Milo. A particular breed may have the same name for each dog in most cases. For example, a lot of huskies were named snow, some Chiwawas were named Chikko and Snoopy was popular for beagles.