This Friday is “Bring your dog to work day” which is rather not popular as “Bring your child to work day,” but it is getting more popular. You need to know that you cannot bring him to every other job such as in restaurants or medical facilities. Here are some tips from the Humane Society of Missouri about bringing your dog to work day.

  • Consider your co-workers – they might have had a bad experience with dogs or are uncomfortable having one around them ask them if they are okay and let them know early before time, to ensure that everyone is on board regarding the issue of having your dog around.
  • Prep our pup – appropriate work attire for dogs includes a leash, a well groomed coat and the very best manners.
  • Pack the items that your pet will need including food, a water bowl, quiet toys, some clean-up supplies, a blanket and bed that your dog is used to, so he can go off.
  • Keep your cool – bring your dog to work if there is a dedicated air conditioned area to hang out. A construction site may not be best since you will be out for the rest of the day.

She goes on to share some news. Recently, a woman was caught on a doggy camp robbing a Phillip’s Town New York home and she now faces felony charges. The resident who was out of town saw a woman robbing his home while reviewing a surveillance camera designed to check on his dogs. He then alerted the police and sent them a still image captured from a doggy camp.

52 year old Okay, was charged with burglary and criminal possession of stolen property after turning herself in. she also turned in six rings and an apple iPad. The Westminster Kennel Club has approved the Pumi; a curly hair Hungarian hunting dog. This means that it can now compete for the coveted – best in show.

They are known for their strong work ethic and have been in Hungary for centuries helping out guarding cattle, swine and sheep as well. The president of the Hungarian Pumik Club of America suggests that they are not for anyone who sits before the TV all day, but when provided with enough exercise and stimulation, the Pumi can chill out. Some of them guard chicken, goat, rabbits and even cats in a cuttery in the U.S.

Researchers in some top institutions are studying canine cognition or dognition as Dr. Bryan of Duke University suggests. Dr. Hare a Duke University professor of cognitive neuro science is exploring the mutually beneficial relationship between humans and dogs. He explains that it was not amazing that dogs use gestures and are amazing communicators.

Dogs have the ability to process human behavior better than chimpanzees. Domestic dogs have the ability to understand the so called co-operative communicative social ques that allow them to quickly and accurately complete social tasks with only a simple guidance from the instructor. Scientists say that a dogs uncanny sensitive smells, which make them excellent in sniffing out bombs and narcotics, can be applied to detecting diseases like cancer.

British researchers suggest that dogs can detect minute odor traces created by diseases that can assist in early detection. All these abilities combined make a great combination. As a wrap up, she notes focuses attention on Wacky Woof Wednesday, which requires one to visit the Woof Driver page, where they can enter their dog to win as being the wackiest.