Today he took the team to the Susquehanna River and took a tour of a section of the river and the waterfall before introducing the park in the big truck. The Lancaster River trail was pretty narrow and they started out right at the edge of the river. Along this trail, they came to a bridge that was quite narrow for the dogs and the bike to go through.

They had to get the dogs off the bike to be able to get the bike they were on across the bridge. Once on the other side, all dogs were secured on the bike again and the chase bike was on standby waiting for the team to get ready. On getting to another narrow bridge, the dogs were allowed to cross first and then both bikes followed.

Some areas along the trail were covered with grass but the trail was still visible. Up ahead, they got to a section that had a lot of tree roots on it and they had to dismount the bikes to get through this specific section. Once the dogs were safely past this section of the trail, the team waited just after the next bridge for the chase bike that was some distance behind.

At the bridge there was a narrow path leading off the bridge to the other side that the team opted to use to evade the narrow bridge. Once they were on course, the lead bike hit an angled spot along the trail and flipped over. Luckily, no one was hurt including the dogs but the main bike lost one of its front wheels.

It was damaged beyond field repair and the dogs were led away to a spot where they lay waiting to be guided from here as the team tried to check whether the spare bike would handle the trail. Later on they switched the dogs to what was the chase bike earlier on and started off this time on a paved stretch of the trail.

This trail had Indian grass growing on either side and this was supposedly the last leg of the day long trip. The setting here was picturesque and the dogs were allowed to race at their own pace while picking up speed at different occasions. It was about sunset as they continued down this trail and the chase bike rode ahead of what was now the lead bike to capture the beauty of the sunset, dogs on the lead bike and any other special features the team would come across.

They stopped along the trail at some point to capture some photos and one of the individuals came across details of what was growing on the fields here. The information indicated that this was a wet lands reclamation project and Indian grass was what was growing on these fields.

As they took photos, some bikers rode past the team and were intrigued by the dogs. After a while, they continued down the paved trail to where there were playgrounds, a pavilion along the Susquehanna River and the setting of this area appeared to be a community riverside park. Along the way the team met more bikers on this trail.

Next they came to another stretch with Indian grass growing on either side of the trail as the bright light from the setting sun faded away slowly. Past the fields with Indian grass growing on them, they came to that part of the Lancaster River trail that has varying vegetation and after a while on this section of the trail, the team took a break to water the dogs.

After taking some time here to rest, the team started off again and as they forged ahead, darkness was setting in. They kept going at a steady pace and had to sign off at some point since it was now dark.